Belgium: Philosopher received police protection after Islamist threats

Belgium: Philosopher received police protection after Islamist threats

Famous Flemish philosopher Etienne Vermeersch received police protection in 2006 after receiving death threats from Islamists.  Even now he's pressured by Islamic organizations to stop his criticism of Islam, reports De Morgen.

"Dear swine.  I swear to you that we'll seek you, and when we find you, Belgium is in fact small.  I advise you from now on to look around you well because I've sworn on the Koran that your intestines will be gathered in the streets of Ghent."  Vermeersch got this after his criticism of the fierce response of the Muslim world to the Mohammad cartoons in 2006.

"I got two death threats then," Vermeersch told De Morgen.  "From one of the two I could tell that it wasn't small kids who threatened me.  There were Arab words there that thanks to my knowledge of Islam I could translate.  For security I then notified the prosecutor, who took care of police protection."

Vermeerrsch is still being pressured not to express criticism of Islam.  "I've tackled Christianity before, but never got threats.  'We'll pray for you,' I was told," laughs Vermeersch.  "Islam is much more threatening."

Source: De Morgen (Dutch)

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