Denmark: The cost of a non-Western immigrant

Denmark: The cost of a non-Western immigrant

It's difficult to compare the numbers, but it seems a non-Western immigrant in Denmark costs much more than a non-Western immigrant in the Netherlands.


Immigrants from Western countries contribute the most to Danish society, even more than ethnic Danes do, according to figures from the liberal think-tank CEPOS and the independent institute DREAM.

While an immigrant from a non-Western country costs 29,598 kroner (~ 4,000 EUR) a year, an ethnic Dane costs 5,470 kroner. Immigrants from Western countries are, on the other hand, a good investment. They contribute 13,522 kroner (~1,800 EUR) a year to the state coffers.

The figures are calculated as the expected impact of a child born in 2008 and the latest available figures for expenses on immigrants vs. Danes. The contribution of immigrants - taxes and fees - are compared to the expenses for Danish society - for example, subsistence allowances, welfare, students loans, pensions and other public benefits.

Deputy manager Mads Lundby Hansen of CEPOS says that there's a lack of initiatives to get more non-Western immigrants to contribute more to Danish society, by getting immigrants into the labor market.

The think-tank proposes immigrants start off with a salary below the minimum wage, raising it later to the minimum wage.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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