Netherlands: 14% of municipalities subsidize Muslim organizations

Netherlands: 14% of municipalities subsidize Muslim organizations

A very small number of Dutch municipalities have clear rules for subsidizing religious organizations. Most municipal subsides go to Christian organizations. Humanist and Muslim organization get about 30% of the money.

This according to a study published by Forum, the Institute for Multicultural Affairs, and the Verwey Jonker Institute. Officials from 59 municipalities filled the survey.

Most municipalities have no regulations for giving subsidies to religious organization. Barely a quarter have a specific policy; 13% have internal behavior regulations.

Municipalities that have such regulations, say, for example, that subsidies may only be given for social activities and not for missionizing. According to the law municipalities should not give money for such goals.

47% of the municipalities gave subsides to religious organizations between March 2006 and December 2009. 53% did not.

Municipalities support Christian organizations most often. 37% of local government gave money to Protestant organizations, 26% to Roman Catholics. Humanist club got subsidies from 15% of the municipalities and Muslims from 14%.

Municipalities subsidize a wide range of activities. A quarters gave money for organizations that promoted integration and participation. 20% of local governments gave money to institutes that accommodate cultural events. 4% gave money to associations that try to reach radicalized youth or youth that go off the path.

Source: Trouw, Forum (Dutch)