Sweden: Majority think wearing a hijab is acceptable

Sweden: Majority think wearing a hijab is acceptable

Via SR:

Nine out of ten Swedish people disapprove of wearing veils that cover the face to school or to work. This according to new figures from the Diversity Barometer, a study that Uppsala University carries out annually.

The study also found that 60 percent of Swedes believe that it is okay to wear religious garb, like hijabs and shaylas, to work, so long as the garments do not hide the face.


Additionally, 61.4% agree that Muslim women in Sweden are more oppressed than other women in Sweden. 30.3% have no opinion and 8.4% disagree.

55% agree that religious school obstruct integration. 38.3% have no opinion and 6.7% disagree.

These percentages have been more or less static over the past few years.

The study is available here (PDF, SE).

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