UK: Majority have no opinion about Islam

UK: Majority have no opinion about Islam

Not a catchy headline, but much closer to reality than the Guardian's "Three-quarters of non-Muslims believe Islam negative for Britain"

Apparently, the Guardian, and other news agencies reporting about this survey, did not bother to read the report. Just scanning the report (PDF), and going past the headlines page ("75% believed Islam and Muslims had provided a negative contribution to society"), I couldn't see the data proving this.

The data from "Islamophobic" Britain is that 36% think that Muslims do not engage positively in society (23% think they do).

32% think that Muslim preach hatred (30% disagree) and 36% that Islam is outdated (14% disagree).

26% think Islam cannot positively contribute to modern society (27% disagree). 24% think that Muslims are terrorists (37% disagree). And if you're looking for the one thing that a majority agree on: 59% think Islam oppresses women (6% disagree).

It's possible that neutral answers come from people who think Islam is bad, but don't want to say it. But that's a conclusion, not data.

The Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), which conducted the survey, seems to be a missionary organization. Most of their questions and conclusions focus on how non-Muslims experience dawah and how Muslims could do dawah better.

The question is whether inviting people "to adopt the Islamic world view" is really the way to convince people that they're wrong that Muslims are "forcing Islam on us" (as 13% think).