UK: Protester throws shoes at Pakistani president

UK: Protester throws shoes at Pakistani president

Via Daily Mail:

A protester who threw his shoes at the Pakistan president as he gave a speech in Birmingham last night said he was proud of his actions.

Sardar Mohammed Shamim Khan, 57, said Asif Ali Zardari's speech had incensed him so much that he spontaneously decided to unlace his size 10 leather shoes and hurl them at the bewildered Pakistani leader.

Police quickly led father-of-four Mr Shamim away before cautioning and later releasing him.

An unrepentant Mr Khan, from Coventry, West Midlands, last night said: 'I could feel the anger brewing up inside me as Zardari talked about the floods in Pakistan.

'I thought we have a crisis back at home and all he can do is take a trip around Europe while his own people are suffering.'


Mr Khan, who was sat about 20 metres away from the President, said: 'I thought his speech was insulting to my people who are dying because of Zardari's government.

'He is a disgrace and I had to let my feelings be known in a way he would remember.'

Mr Khan said he shouted: 'Allah is the only one who can give and take lives' as he threw the shoes which failed to hit the president.