Chechnya: Imams condemn bride-snatching

Chechnya: Imams condemn bride-snatching

(documentary on bride-snatching 1, 2)

Via RT:
Snatching a bride in Chechen Republic can now lead to a $35,000 fine for the groom’s family, in addition to whatever sentence the groom himself may receive in accordance with the criminal code.

The decision was voiced by Sultan Mirzaev, the chair of the Muslim spiritual council after gathering of over 300 imams (mosque leaders) and qadis (religious judges) of the region’s villages and towns.

The clerics condemned the violent practice, because it violates Chechen traditions, the teachings of the Koran and also Russia’s criminal code. It can result in long-lasting grudges between families. Sometimes the groom and his friends, recklessly fleeing with the snatched bride from her family, die in traffic accidents.