PVV Price: Burqa ban, stricter immigration laws

PVV Price: Burqa ban, stricter immigration laws

According to preliminary results of a Maurice de Hond poll, 70-80% of the Dutch support the coalition accords on the points of immigration, integration and security. The breakdown: almost 100% of PVV and VVD voters, 80% of CDA (Christian Democrats) voters, and a majority of SP (Socialists) voters support the agreement. A majority of D-66 and GroenLinks (Greens) are against, as well as about half of PvdA (Labor) voters.

Arabist Hans Jansen called the coalition accords a 'D-Day' in the fight against Islamization.

The new Dutch coalition ageement includes the following PVV demands. The agreement still needs to be approved by the CDA congress.

* General ban on burkas and other face-covering veils

* Headscarf ban for the police and courts

* Wilders wants to cut the inflow of non-Western immigrants by half, though the agreement only speaks of a 'very substantial decrease'.

* Family reunification - family reunification will be more difficult. The age for marriage immigration will go up from 21 to 24. The Dutch partner will have to earn 120% of the minimum wage (this was recently challenged by the European Court of Justice). The family migrants will have to show their link to the Netherlands is greater than with other countries.

Immigrants will have to wait longer to get their own residence permit, and show they have a residence and are insured. The government will increase the adminstrative charges and the exams abroad will be tougher.

* Asylum seekers - There will be no more categorical acceptance of all asylum seekers from a certain country (Iraq, Somalia). The asylum seeker will have to ask for a residence permit while still abroad, in order to prevent rejected refugees from immediately reapplying.

* Illegal immigration will become a crime.

* Foreign criminals will be deported.

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