Antwerp: Man sentenced for attack on Muslims

A man was sentenced to 175 hours community service by the court in Antwerp, and to a deferred fine of 500 euro for carrying out a raid against an asylum center

In July 2004 he carried out a raid on an asylum center in Broechem together with three friends, all minors. The reason behind the raid: one of the minors once had a conflict with an asylum seeker and wanted revenge.

They broke into the asylum center masked and armed with sticks and surprised about 40 sleeping asylum seekers. They then proceeded to divide between Muslims and Christians and flogged the Muslims with their sticks all the while screaming that all Muslims were terrorists and were taking jobs away from Belgians. An Israeli, Russian and Kosovar were seriously wounded.

As the adult, he was the only one to be brought before a criminal court. The three victims were already granted compensation of 10,000 euro.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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