Belgium: Muslims want public broadcasting time

The Muslim Executive of Belgium wants to improve the image of Muslims using radio and TV. For that purpose, it is asking VRT and RTBF (the Flemish and Wallon public broadcasting services) for broadcasting time.

After a successful experiment, the Muslim Executive started broadcasting on the Brussels station Midi 1. The Executive received broadcasting time of two hours on Fridays and makes the programs in its own studio. For Dutch language areas the Contact radio station is being considered, but the Executive is looking also for other broadcasters and wants to broadcast on the internet.

The French speaking board of the Executive has already started talks with RTBF. The Dutch speaking board will now claim broadcasting time from VRT, on radio as well as on television.

The VRT management says they are autonomous to decide about the broadcast time and will calmly consider a request from the Muslim Executive.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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