Netherlands: More halal food

Albert Heijn, a big Dutch supermarket chain, is starting to offer halal food, thereby joining a couple of other Dutch chains which already offer halal food to their customers.

Halal meat will be available in 45 Albert Heijn stores. The meat comes from suppliers who are halal certified. The stores offer an assortment of 27 products. The halal products are kept in a separate refrigeration unit and are recognizable by a special packaging and label.

Albert Heijn says it can trace the source of every piece of meat and so the customers can be sure that the meat is 100% halal and fresh.

The chain had ran trials last year with both Halal meat and Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Antillean vegetables and conservatives. After the trials wound up successfully it was decided to offer the assortment in more stores.

Source: Albert Heijn (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Assalam aleykom I am a muslima on holiday in Amsterdam and I have been to few Albert Heijn stores. I have noticed that there is a big muslim community in Amsterdam, I do think that it's a good idea for Halal products in that store but shouldn't they take away alcool and tobacco and pork and everything else that is haram for everything to be in a contexte of halal. I have also noticed a lot of muslima's that are cashiers and who are scanning products such as alcool tobacco everything which is haram Inchallah muslims will continue to get what they need in local halal stores Assalam aleykom