Belgium: Most immigrants living under poverty line

According to a recent survey at least 58.9% of the Turks and 55.6% of the Moroccans in Belgium are living under the EU mandated poverty line (777 Euro a month)

This results compare to 21.5% of Italians and 10.16% of ethnic Belgians. It is strikin that all other immigrant groups run a high risk of poverty.

Additionally, 38.7% of Turks and 25% of Moroccans live on less than 500 Euro a month.

Asked about their subjective level of poverty, 29.2% of Turks and 37.7% of Moroccans said it was hard or very hard for them to make ends meet. For ethnic Belgians 12.2% answered that way.

According to the researchers, immigrants run a higher risk of poverty due to their low level of education, their lack of Dutch and/or French and discrimination on the job market, in education, and housing.

Additionally, the first generation of workers was convinced that they would return to their home land and therefore did not invest in a future in Belgium.

Finally, the great solidarity in the immigrant community has been waning with dramatic results for the most vulnerable members. Additionally, some, such as devorced women, are excluded from this solidarity. This solidarity is sometimes experienced as oppersive and integration-inhibiting.

This is the first time a study of poverty by immigrants was done in Belgium.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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