AEL: Sunday Protest

The Arab European League (AEL) is organizing a protest this upcoming Sunday in Brussels. The protest will offer support to the Chaaban family and demand to thoroughly investigate the reasons for Faysal Chabban's death.

Faysal Chabban died in detention after being injected twice with sedatives. His death sparked several deaths of riots in his neighborhood.

The AEL site brings a letter from Faysal's sister calling to peacefully protest:

- In order to show our pain and sorrow in all serenity. In no case do we wish to express our sorrow in the form of violence against innocents.

- We want to do this in memory of our beloved Faysal, who was a part of our family. He was also a men, with his qualities and shortcomings. Somebody who absolutely didn't deserve to be treated like a wild animal.

- Lastly we want to send a signal to the court and justice in this land, who more and more are responsible for the lot of prisoners in their jails. What happened was in no case a single fact and that is absolutely inadmissable. It's up to the politicians and those responsible for the jail system to make sure that this can never happen again.

Source: AEL (Dutch)

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