Netherlands: abortion rate higher by immigrants

A recent research by Rutgers Nisso Groep looked at abortions by teenagers in the Netherlands.

Generally teenagers are choosing abortion more often (60% in 2001 compared to 65% in 2005).
By Moroccans and Turks the percent has gone up much higher (Moroccans: 59% -> 67%, Turks: 44% -> 53%)

According to researcher Cecile Wijsen, immigrant girls are often confronted with a double message from two cultures which means they are not fully equipped to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

By women the situation is different: Immigrant women choose abortion much more often then the ethnic Dutch. The increase is most striking by the Moroccans and Turks, which compared to other immigrant groups have a relatively low abortion rate.

0.5% of ethnic Dutch preganant women do an abortion, compared to 2% by Moroccans and Turks and 5% by women from Central and South America, Africa, Surinaam and the Antilles

A study at abortion clinics shows that 20% of immigrant women coming for an abortion did not fully understand the written and oral information offered in Dutch.

According to researcher Ineke Mouthaan: "Besides an inadequate command of the language there are also culture related impediments in the transfer of information, such as the attitude relating to contraception [women should stay virgins and therefore no need for contraception] and the (intercultural) communication skills of the social worker."

Sources: FOK (Dutch), Rutgers Nisso Groep (Dutch)

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