Burqas unchecked at airport

Recently a British journalist travelled to France wearing a burqa. She discovered that nobody at the UK side of her trip bothered asking her to identify herself. She could have been anybody.

A Danish journalist now did the same in Denmark and discovered that they weren't checked in Denmark either, though in their case - they were checked in the UK airport.

A quick search on the net shows that it is not that uncommon for burqa clad women to pass without going through an ID check. I wonder when journalists will take the next step and actually try to fly as somebody else.

ID checks at airports are there fore a reason. To protect other passengers and to prevent unwanted people from entering the country. Hopefully, airport security worldwide will take notice before those they're trying to stop decide to give it a try.

A journalist dressed in a Muslim burka was not required to reveal her face to Copenhagen airport security

A reporter from daily newspaper B.T. dressed in a burka was able to pass through at Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport without being asked to reveal her face to security personnel.

Burkas are an item of Muslim clothing worn by women and exposing only the hands and eyes of their wearers. B.T.'s female reporter was required only to pull down the outfit's veil past her nose when passing through the security checkpoint.

The reporter flew from Copenhagen to London Stansted airport, where she was required to fully reveal her face to security personnel there - both on the incoming and return flights.

Police acknowledged that the woman should have been checked more thoroughly, but said the incident will not lead to any procedural changes for airport security.

Source: Copenhagen Post (English)

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Anonymous said...

It is really a big danger. I think that some day we will face the reality, but it will be to late.