Belgium: "Attacking" Turkish

HP Pelzer, a supplier of Ford Genk, located in Genk, wants immigrant employees to speak Dutch, in the cafetria as well. Three infringements of the rule could lead to dismissal. The Turks call it an attack on their Turkish.

The company decided that all 125 employees must speak Dutch inside company premises, out of security consideration and respect for their colleagues. The company has about 70% immigrant employees, fram many different nationalities.

In the past months a counter-movement sprung up among the Turkish employees . They complained by unions and politicians.
Selahattin Kocak, one of those politicians, justifies using Dutch at work, but he doesn't think that it should be part of a dismissal mechanism. Kocak also said that the Turks are beginning to feel that Turkish should be allowed.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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