Rotterdam: Agent's signature is not hers

The signature on the will of Vlaarding police agent Habibia Yaakoubi, is probably not hers. That is the conclusion of the Dutch Forensic Institute (NFI), who compared a copy of the document with thirty other documents which she had signed. In the will the agent declared that she wanted to be cremated.

According to NFI, "The results of this research do not support the proposition that the disputed signature was written by H. herself." After questioning by the public prosecution the researchers explained that they seldom write that a signature was *not* written by somebody, since it is quit hard to to prove that. However, they do state that it is more probably that the signature is not the agent's, than that it is.

The agent, a 34 year old woman of Moroccan origins, died unexpectedly in February of a brain hemorrhage. Her boyfriend and her family have since fought over what to do with her body.

Her family wants to bury her, as is always the case in Muslim circles. but according to her boyfriend and her friends Habiba wanted to have nothing more to do with her Muslim background and wanted to be cremated.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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