Norway: 48% say women who flirt are responsible for rape

Once again, surveys show that even in the West women are blamed for their own rape.  Though Muslims and non-Muslims may not agree on the definition of "flirtatious behavior", there is no real difference in attitude.

Every other Norwegian man believes that flirtatious women have themselves to blame if they are raped.

The shock results appear in a report compiled by Amnesty in cooperation with Reform - resource center for men.

One in five men surveyed said that a woman known to have several partners is fully or partly responsible if sexually assaulted, and 28 percent believed that a woman who dresses sexily is wholly or partly responsible for a sexual assault.

"I think the results of this study are frightening. I am the father of a teenage girl. It is disturbing to see that Norwegian men believe she is responsible if she should be assaulted after flirting with a man," John Peder Egenæs, secretary general of Amnesty International Norway told newspaper VG.

Fully 48 percent of those surveyed believe that women are fully or partly responsible for a sexual assault if they openly flirt before the attack.

"It is unacceptable to blame women who have been exposed to sexual assault and violence. This confirms that female-hostile attitudes are alive and well," said victim's legal counsel Trine Rjukan.

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said he was disappointed over Norwegian men's attitude towards women and found the study's results frightening.

"I had hoped and believed that we had come further than that in terms of men's view of violence against women," Stoltenberg said.

Source: Aftenposten (English)

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FreeSpeech said...

Blaming the victim for the men's lack of self-control. Disgusting.
(Note: I am a man)