Netherlands: No help for male "honor" crime victims

There is barely any help available for male victims of "honor" murder. Men are just as often victims as women, according to consultancy firm In-pact, and it is urgent that they get more help.

It is untrue that women are exclusively the victims of family violence. Immigrant homosexual men are regularly troubled by their family, threatened and even murdered. Also, men who shirk from marriage or upkeep an inter-ethnic relationship, are blamed for defiling the family honor. The consequences are intimidation or physical violence.

These victims greatly need shelter and help.

In-pact, working for the Ministry of Welfare, researched the honor violence phenomenon.
The founder of the shelter for men, Carina Smeets: "Often the situation at home is unbearable. A safe place is that the only thing that men then seek. In practice they often get on a waiting list and sustain weeks of unnecessary danger."

Source: Nederlands Dagblad (Dutch)

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