Sweden: Jordanian terror suspect extradited to Germany

Two men wanted in a German terror investigation will be extradited from Sweden where they shared an apartment, a prosecutor said Friday.

Abedelali Miftah, a 24-year-old Moroccan, and Thaer Alhalah, 32, of Jordan, were to be handed over to German authorities on a European arrest warrant.

"They are suspected of terror crimes in a German investigation," Prosecutor Ronnie Jacobsson said.

In closed hearings this week, the Stockholm district court ruled the two men should be handed over to Germany within 10 days, court documents showed. Both suspects maintained their innocence and objected to being extradited. However, it was not clear whether they would appeal the decision.

Jacobsson said the suspects "lived in the same apartment and are linked to each other in the German criminal investigation."

Swedish tabloid Expressen, citing unnamed sources, reported the men were suspected in Germany of being part of an al-Qaida-linked terror cell that smuggled people and money for suicide bombings in Iraq.

Source: IHT (English)

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