Belgium: Updates in court

A couple of updates on stories I've brought recently.

Head covers in court

Antwerp judge Walter De Smedt had turned to the arbitration court to decide whether the court does not violates the rule of equality when it allows an accused to keep his head covering on due to religious reasons. Two people appeared today in front of De Smedt, one Muslim male who refused to remove his cap because he said it was too cold in the court and one female who refused to remove her veil because of religious conviction.

De Smedt would like to know whether he should make a distinction between them.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Forced abortion suspects conditionally freed

The family - two parents and their son - accused of trying to force an abortion by the son's Moroccan girlfriend had been conditionally freed.

The court saw no reason to keep them in custody, but stipulated that they may not have any contact with the victim. They also need to get treatment at a mental health care center.

According to their lawyer, there is no question of hours-long torture, though the suspects did admit to hitting and electrifying their victim. The public prosecution still wants to charge the three with torture.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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