Netherlands: Muslim anger at Wilders

Geert Wilders, head of the Party for Freedom, received advice in confidential talks with the Dutch security services, to moderate his direct criticism of Islam.

His statements about tearing up the Koran, among other things, have lead to anger eruptions by clerics in Arabic countries. Ayatollas called to revenge, variating from killing Wilders to a boycott of the Netherlands and recalling ambassadors.

The fuss over Wilders' statements has gone up the past months so much, according to security services, that there's a threat that the situation would get to a level of the cartoon riots. Arab attention to Wilders had actually subsided after the row about Jewish excavations near the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

After a 3 hour meeting earlier this month, a worker of the Dutch national coordinator for counterterrorism informed Wilders that it would be better if he expressed his political message in a milder manner. According to Wilders he received this advice during a presentation in Tjibbe Joustra's office (the Dutch coordinator), and the Dutch Security Service (AIVD) were also present. " Joustra withdrew his coworker's advice, but it had already been said," says Wilders, who adds that he felt intimidated by the statement.

During the presentation the politician heard that ayatollah Noori Hamedani from Iran had called on Islamic governments to recall their ambassadors from the Netherlands. Another cleric issued a fatwa against Wilders, calling Muslims to kill him.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Muslims are pathetic people. What else is new?
Hopefully Geert Wilders won't be silenced by retards on the other side of the world.