Antwerp: Bus killing suspects arrested

The Belgian Federal police have arrested five suspects tonight in the killing of 54 year old Guido Demoor on a bus last week in Antwerp. Another suspect has been identified but is still on the lose. All six are Moroccan immigrants, between the ages of 16 and 23. Four of the suspects (two minors, one adult and one on the loose) are suspected of assaulting Demoor, while the other two are suspected of standing by.

Demoor had tried to break up a fight on the bus between six and had then been assaulted by them, dying of a heart attack immediately afterward. The six had pulled for the emergency stop of the bus and had then ran off.

The suspects were identified during the weekend through police material and through witnesses. They were arrested at home, not far from where the assault took place. The six are wanted for manslaughter but it is yet unknown whether they will be charged with manslaughter or some lighter form of crime.

Earlier in the day the Union of Turkish Association, the Federation of Moroccan Associations, Mosque Union an Islamic Association of Antwerp have condemned the incident.

According to the suspect description, one of them was wearing a De Puta Madre 69 shirt, so it's interesting to see what it stands for.

The expression De Puta Madre is derived from Spanish and express a inner sensation. It could be translated into "I am cool" "I feel great". The message I.F.U. would like to send through his brand is:DO NOT COMMIT ILLEGAL ACTIONS, DO NOT USE ANY DRUGS TO FEEL DIFFERENT,DO NOT IMITATE OUR SLOGANS,BUT WEAR OUR T-SHIRTS AND YOU WILL BE EVERLASTING AT THE TOP, WITHOUT USING ANY ARTIFICIAL SUBSTANCES THAT AT THE END WILL DESTROY YOU.

Sources: De Standaard 1, 2 (Dutch)

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