Netherlands: Antisemitic Muslim educational book still in stores

"Guide for a Muslim upbringing" (’Gids voor Islamitische opvoeding’) is a 500 page volume dedicated to teaching Muslim parents how to bring up their kids. It is based on a known Arabic work.

The Dutch public prosecution has decided in 2005 that several “classic anti-Semitic” passages in the book were a punishable offense, and that the publisher “Noer” could avoid prosecution by erasing them from the books.

Dutch newpaper Trouw has investigated whether these directions have been followed, and bough the guide in Dilara - a popular Muslim bookshop with several branches, who also run the Islam Boeken site.

They found that the word “Jews” (‘that through their wickedness and craftiness corrupted the people’) has been covered in several places, but it is still readable. In other places the censor missed it.

Ronny Naftaniël of the Israeli Information and Documentation Center (Centrum Informatie en Documenatie Israël, CIDI) says it’s an “abominable” book and has lodged a complaint against it by the police. Naftaniël says there are also passages against women and that call to hate and violence against homosexuals and atheists. “It’s unacceptable that Dutch Muslims and others will be brought up with these types of starting points.”

According to the public prosecution calling for killing homosexuals and for female circumcision in this religious context is not punishable because they come “in direct relation with the opinions of the religion” of Muslims and they are therefore permissible.

A seller at Dilara says they’ve just run out of the guide and new copies will be ordered as soon as the results of the complaint by CIDI are clear. He also said he’ll make sure that copies will temporarily not be sold over the internet site (which indeed has been done).

Source: Trouw (Dutch), hat tip, Allochtonen Weblog


nouille said...

Esther, I posted similar stuff a while back.

What i was trying to point out was that in Europe and the rest of the "Western" world, these books exist in most Muslim schools and institutions.

Just like foreign Imams, they spout hatred and prejudice.

In New York many so called muslim school texts contained strong anti Christian,anti Jewish language.

How can we expect to get on with each other when they have been incalcated from birth to hate their fellow citizens?

Esther said...


I really appreciate the links you post :-)

In this case, the gov't decided that the book should be censored. The question is whether it was.

Anonymous said...

I invite all of you to go and read the school manuals in Israel. Arabs are treated as an anomalie that should be ereased.

Esther said...


I've read them. Which book do you mean?

Books in Muslim and Arab schools do not merely "discuss" the Israel issue. You have math problems in which the student figures out how to kill more Jews. You have literature sections about how the Jews are not human. I would really like to know which book in Israeli schools, or any other Western country, treats Muslims in this way.