Amsterdam: Dealing with 'honor' related violence

The municipality of Amsterdam has decided to set up a special expertise center in the fight against honor murder. The center will get reports of honor related violence and process it. It will also train people to assist victims and teach doctors and teachers to recognize this form of violence. They will also organize informational campaigns in schools and during language and integration courses.

Amsterdam will also set up ten extra shelter spaces for male victims of honor related crimes, for example: homosexuals from the Muslim community who are being threatened by their family. Last year the municipality set aside 350,000 euros for fighting honor murder, and the following years an additional 150,000 when needed.

In 2006 the Amsterdam police got about 158 reports of this form of violence. Two thirds of the culprits appeared to be criminal. About 10% of the cases were very serious crimes, in which the judge can give more than 8 years prison sentence. Often the crime is committed by more than one culprit.

Earlier this year Rotterdam announced it will tackle honor murder. The municipality has set aside about 10 million euro for a period of four years. The city has an approach where the hold family, victim as well as culprit, gets help.

The Albeda College in Rotterdam of the ROC of Twente are studying since the past summer what role schools can play in recognizing honor related violence.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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