Denmark: Mohammed cartoons to museum

Two months ago Danish museums were criticized for doing nothing to preserve Morgenavisen Jylland Posten's 12 Muhammed cartoons for posterity.  Now two institutes are interested in buying the cartoons, writes Nyhedsavisen.

Ervin Nielsen of Denmark's Media Museum in Odense says that they have contacted people from the Danish Royal Library, who said they were looking to collect the money needed to purchase the cartoons.  Nyhedsavisen could not get the Royal Library to confirm or deny this.

According to several historians, the original cartoons are important historical documents which should be preserved for posterity.

Cartoonist Claus Seidel of the Museum for Danish Cartoon Art (Museet for Dansk Bladtegnin) located at the Royal Library says that the library should acquire the cartoons, if they can afford to do so.

Ervin Nielsen of Denmark's Media Museum says that the museum will undertake this assignment if the library won't do so since it's important to preserve the cartoons.

Source: DR (Danish)


Unknown said...


This e-mail from mine for the advertisement printed in Denmark and other countries against our religion i.e Islam and our Prophet (P.B.U.H). I am really feel ashamed for that doings, their educations and their atmosphere who teachs like this type of conducting.

Tell me what do you know about the Islam, and why you misbehave against any religion, either your religion teaches that type of doings. They told this is the media's independency, what is the media independency, either media can print against any person, any religion or can play with everyone sentiments, then i ashamed of that media or they translate the media in negative manners.

You know what is Islam, Islam teachs us "That Allah is one, who have no father, who have no son, He is the only one who make this world, sky,animals, birds, human beings, spcace everything within six days. And our Prophet (P.B.U.H) is the messenger of Allah. Allah gives the Holy Quran through our Prophet (P.B.U.H) and our prophet (P.B.U.H) who told us that What is Islam, its rules and regulations, its implementations, political matters, foreign affairs matter, environmental matter, woman protection/rights matters, living standards, clothes standards and everything and every matter in human life. This whole world is only made for Him (Prophet Muhamamd (P.B.U.H) not for us. After the end of life, We all have to go and meet with Allah and He will give us the all details of our doings in our life, if we are doing good, than He gives us a Janat in which every thing will be available and if we doing bad in our life, He gives us tortured life which will not be bearable for us. Our Prophet who is very much honourable for us. Allah gives us the gift in shape of our Prophet, He gives us the right way to understand the Islamic Principles and way of life. That's why Allah (God) told the muslims that when you hear/taken the name of Prophet then call (Peace Be Upon Him (P.B.U.H) in Arabic (Sallallaho ellahay wassalim). You know the name of P.B.U.H as a "Darood" on our Prophet. And our Allah told us that when you hear/taken the name of Prophet, then send Darood on Him, then he will get 10 virtues from Allah and those person that when He hear/taken the name of Prophet and doesn't send darood on Him, then Allah send curse for him.

You know our religion is very much simple and very much beneficial for every1. You know in our life their is nothing for live, when you study this religion you will find out the main aim of your life.

We have great and great honour for our Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). You conduct misbehave with this personality which breaks our sentiments. Its very bad and ashamed, I invite you to please first of all study our Holy Quran and the Hadees of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). Then you pass any remarks.

I have also send you an attached file which will give you the message of non believers/muslims against our Prophet (P.B.U.H). I will request you to explore this throughout the world.

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Anonymous said...


Thank you for trying to explain your sentiments in English. I can understand that it is not your main language and respect you for posting.

That said, I do see a hypocracy going on here.

Within the newspapers of the Arabic world, cartoons are used consistently in berating Christianity and Judiasm. They are available in many countries in the Middle East.

You have not mentioned these cartoons.

While I can kind of understand your disgust at western countries showing these cartoons, in reality, Arabic countries on a continual basis post and present cartoons that portray western values, religions, and society in a poor light as well.

With all respect - this needs to stop.

If you want us to start learning about each other and respecting each other, an environment of tolerence must be achieved.

This means equally. Relationships are two sided, not one.

Unknown said...

Respected Andrew,

Its really nice to see your positive comments and positive approach regarding relationships between the human beings.

You point out that in Arabic countries they are also promoting negative impact against christian and judiasm religion, values and socities. I condemn that they are promoting negative Islam, Islam does not teach us to point out any observation against any religion values or any type, it teaches us that you make a comparison of each other and then just pick the right way of your life. You know Allah(God) who born us this total world, He also told that just to love with each human being and tell them a right way/principles of life and then leave on them that whether they will adopt the right way or not.

Sir, i invite you to please study my religion and then make it a comparison that where we stand.

My prayers is for you that Allah(God) gives you the right way and make your mind compfiortable from muslim societies.

If you want to take any information against this subject, you can ask me without any hesitation.

You can also visit the site of WWW.IRF.NET which gives you the right way between the Islam, Christianism, Judhiasm and Hinduism.

I feel proud myself to give you any information for keeping us the right way.