Netherlands: Praying part of the ideal job

The majority of Moroccan-Dutch youth (13-25 years old) are positive about their job market opportunities. They trust that their education and work experience will help them find a good job. The ideal job is one that isn't only nice, but that also offers the possibility to practice one's religion, according to a study by Motivaction and Marokko Media

Despite the many negative news about discrimination on the job market, 75% of the youth are positive about their chances. 37% say they have a good education and 26% say they already have the necessary work experience. Those who are negative about their job opportunities say it's due to discrimination on the job market.

The ideal job is a pleasant one (29%), which offers the opportunity to pray during work hours (17%) - giving prayer space and the time to do so. 12% saw income as important, and 10% career prospects. 3% saw having nice colleagues as part of the ideal job.

How do they find work? 60% go for open applications, 50% look for vacancies in newspapers, magazines and the internet. 45% go to an employment agency. Not many used head hunters of an informal network.

Almost 25% want to work for a big multinational such as ING, Philips, Unilever and Ahold. If that's not possible, 17% want to work for small companies with 5-20 workers, followed by charities such as the Red Cross, UNICEF and Greenpeace (16%). 16% of Moroccan youth want think a municipal job is attractive.

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