Bulgaria: Muslims Prevent Founding of OTOMAN Party in Mosque

Bulgaria: Muslims Prevent Founding of OTOMAN Party in Mosque

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The Muslim community in the northeast Bulgarian city of Shumen will not allow the notorious Yuzeirovi brothers to set up their new OTOMAN party in the famed Tombul Mosque.

The two brothers, Ali Yuzeirov and Yuzeir Yuzeirov, will make do with a conference hall in the local “Shumen” hotel instead, Shumen Mayor Krasimir Kostov has announced.

Kostov defined the decision of the wannabe politicians to found their party on April 2, which is Good Friday for Orthodox Christians, as a “pure provocation.”

The brothers have responded to the accusation by saying that they have chosen that day because of the traditional Friday's Muslim prayer.

In order to prevent clashes between rival groups, Mayor Kostov has banned any rallies or manifestations on the day in question.

He claims that some of the founders of the new party are residents of Shumen, currently living in Belgium and France, who are financed by Muslim extremists.

“It is quite indicative that the leaders of the Muslim community in Shumen wants to have nothing to do with the founders of the party and refuse to grant them access to the Tombul Mosque,” declared Kostov.


Source: Novinite (English)

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