Denmark: One killed in mass brawl at refugee camp

Denmark: One killed in mass brawl at refugee camp

An asylum-seeker was stabbed to death in a mass brawl in the Sandholm refugee camp (Denmark), reports

The asylum seeker was stabbed in the chest in front of building #68 in the Sandholm camp.

Red Cross personnel tried CPR on the spot until the ambulances came, but in vain.

Four people had knife injuries, two of them seriously.

Six men were arrested by a large police force at Allerød S-station.

About 100 asylum seekers participated in a mass brawl and the Red Cross had to be evacuated, when the brawl turned to stabbings.

Police in Nordsjælland and Copenhagen sent large forces to the asylum center.

Four ambulances and emergency response doctors were sent to the camp.

Tom Strube of the Copenhagen police confirmed they had sent large forces to help the Nordsjælland police.

Henrik Suhr, Nordsjælland police, confirms that there's a mass brawl and stabbings at the Sandholm camp. He says they don't yet have an overview of what's happening, but that they have a lot of police there.

One attacker is hiding inside building 68, reports reports that the mass brawl is between two group of asylum seekers from Afghanistan and Chechnya. The employees tried to intervene, but the brawl escalated to stabbings.

Red Cross personnel were ordered to evacuate the place when the brawl escalated.

There have been 'bad feelings' between the two groups of asylum seekers for a while, reports

One eyewitness told, that the brawl started outside the cafeteria, where a dozen men started arguing.

An agent from the camp's police guard tried to separate the two fighting parties, but they only became more agitate and more people came.

The brawl moved to outside building 68, where one man was stabbed. He was dead when the Red Cross gave him first aid.

Sandholm camp has about 600 asylum seekers, both new and rejected asylum seekers , who are waiting to be deported from Denmark.

Source: Ekstrabladet (Danish)

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