Wallonia: Export agency to offer halal certificate

Wallonia: Export agency to offer halal certificate

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The Walloon export agency AWEX is working on a halal certificate for Walloon products, the Vers l'Avenir newspapers reported Monday. The newspapers reported that while Wallonia saw its foreign sales plummet by almost 19%, exports to Muslim countries rose by 2-3% on average.

Initially, AWEX will list Walloon companies that offer halal products for export. These companies will be included in a brochure and CD offered by the AWEX commercial attaches in countries of potential buyers. To ensure the halal certification. AWEX intends to contact the European Islamic Halal Certification, a certification body based in Brussels.

The export market for halal products is indeed promising. In Q1, despite the crisis, Walloon sales increased by 441%, 199% and 174% to countries like Iran, Kuwait and Qatar, with an average increase in the Near and Middle East of 13%.

Source: DHNet (French)

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