Copenhagen: Incitement against the police

Copenhagen: Incitement against the police

The Copenhagen District West Police decide to increase security for ambulances, firetrucks and the police's own patrol cars in the Ishøj suburb of Copenhagen.

From now on police cars will accompany emergency vehicles (DA) when they go to certain housing estates, especially around Ishøj Center.

The windows of several police cars were smashed recently and a new Facebook group, Ishøj Ghetto, was set up to incite to vandalism against police cars.

Police Inspector Ib Meng says that they're trying to find out who's behind the group. It's a crime to directly incite to arson and vandalism. However, Ib Meng says that the situation in Ishøj had not heated up.

Over 700 people joined the Facebook group. The group posted pictures of vandalized police cars and comments such as: "My brothers, you will destroy all the police cars who come close to Ishøj. It is our city."

"F**k the police and the state (...) In Ishøj people go around with guns and patrol the street. We don't need the police." (DA, DA). Another message says: "In our right hand a grenade and in our left an AK47. We're fighting for our town. We're not afraid to die. We'll protect our city to the death."

(photo, via Uriasposten)

The members are on the site are both of Danish and immigrant origin, but the group's organizers don't hide where they're coming from. "Soldier of Allah, allahu Akbar !!!! Muslims stay together and be stronger." [The comment is from way back in May]

The Ishøj Ghetto group also made mention of the singer Medina, who was pelted with eggs in the city a few months ago, and posted a picture of a burning Israeli flag.

The media is also mentioned: "F**k the media. Keep out of Ishøj. You just want to make money or f*ck people's lives up. We're telling you for the last time: Keep away from Ishøj. We'l stone you out of Ishøj."

But more recently the group had a different message for the firefighters and ambulances: "You should not feel insecure when you drive in Ishøj. We don't have a problem with you."

An anti-"Ishøj Ghetto" group (DA) was also set up. The new group says they tried to comment on the Ishøj Ghetto group page, but were just threatened and their comments were removed. The "Ishøj Ghetto" group has since been removed. The site's organizers say they want to see how many people in Denmark agree that the police aren't just harassing young people and that if somebody feels persecuted by the police, there's probably a good reason for the police persecuting him.

Ib Meng says that they don't have any information about threats against the emergency vehicles. It is the police's decision to increase security.

Meanwhile, police agents from the Funen police stopped a car with known criminals in Vollsmose (Odense) yesterday, but were then chased out of the neighborhood (DA) with rocks and bottles.

When the police tried to stop the car, the driver continued driving until he reached a place where he knew he would get help, says the police. Two masked people were arrested, but the police can't link them to the stone-throwing and so they're being charged for violating an official notice.

Last Wednesday police were attacked with stones in Mjølnerparken in Nørrebro (Copenhagen).

The head of the emergency services in the Copenhagen suburb of Greve, Henrik Hillestrøm, told Midtjyllands avis (via Uriasposten) that around 30 neighborhoods in Denmark have at time the same problem of youth vandalism, where the youth set fire in the streets in order to lure the fire brigade. There are 25-30 housing estates in Denmark with such a problem.

Update: Fixed typos. Medina pelted with eggs, not stones.