Scotland: Integration easier for Muslims than in England

Scotland: Integration easier for Muslims than in England

Via BBC:

Integration is easier for Muslims in Scotland than in England, new research has suggested.

The poll, for the British Council Scotland, also found six out of 10 Scots believed Muslims were integrated into everyday Scottish life.

However, it also found that Scots have a less favourable opinion of Muslims than other religious groups.

And those who responded felt one of the barriers to adapting to Scottish life was the country's drinking culture.


Two-thirds (65%) of respondents had a favourable opinion towards Muslims - three times as many as those with an unfavourable opinion (21%). However, Muslims were viewed less favourably than any of the other religious groups asked about.

The survey, carried out by Ipsos Mori, also found that 46% of those questioned think that Muslims living in Scotland were loyal to the country while 33% thought they were not.

A total of 66% of Scots thought the attempted bombing of Glasgow Airport in July 2007 had made people in Scotland less tolerant of Muslims, while 48% thought Scotland would begin to lose its identity if more Muslims came to live there.

Most of the 1,006 respondents, both Muslims and non-Muslims, felt the process of integrating was easier in Scotland than England.


There was a strong feeling among Muslims that integration in Scotland was largely one-way - with Muslims making the effort to adapt to Scottish life.

However, among non-Muslim Scots, the dominant view was that that Muslims have to make more of an effort to interact and should completely adopt Scottish customs.