EU: Al-Qaeda list of targets

EU: Al-Qaeda list of targets

Fox News reports that the German terrorist suspect provided a list of possible targets:

(...) a senior western intelligence official told Fox News on Sunday that a German-Pakistani national interrogated at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan provided a list of targets. The list was later confirmed by another senior intelligence official.

They include the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the luxury Hotel Adlon near Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. Targets also include the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, as well as Berlin's Central Station and its landmark Alexanderplatz TV tower. One official said security has also been tightened around the British royal family.

ABC news suggests the attack might have been planned against airports:
Among the possible targets in the suspected European terror plot are pre-security areas in at least five major European airports, a law enforcement official told ABC News. Authorities believe terror teams are preparing to mount a commando like attack featuring small units and small firearms modeled after the Mumbai attack two years ago.

AP reports that dozens of European Muslims are training in Pakistan for attacks against European capitals. European Jihadis training in Pakistan is not new. Until now it wasn't clear if they were training for attacks in Europe, but as this article pointed out, al-Qaeda already made the decision to go ahead with such an attack, and just a year ago German Jihadis threatened an "October attack".

Meanwhile, French police arrested a man suspected of making the recent bomb threats. French press reports the man is not a terrorist.