Kosovo: Female police chief elected as new president

Kosovo: Female police chief elected as new president

Via Deutsche Welle:

Kosovo's parliament has elected Atifete Jahjaga, the female deputy chief of the country's police force, as president in an emergency session.

She replaced the former head of state, Behgjet Pacolli, after his appointment was ruled unconstitutional last month.

Jahjaga's swift appointment on Thursday, mediated by the United States, took place within 24 hours of her nomination. It put an end to a political stalemate and averted the threat of an enforced snap election.

The 35-year-old secured the position with 80 votes in the 120-member parliament, with only 100 members voting.

As she was sworn in, Jahjaga spoke of her desire for Kosovo to secure a better future and gain EU membership.

"I believe and I am convinced our dreams will come true," she said in her first speech to parliament.