Tunisia: Berlusconi arrives to negotiate immigrant stop

Tunisia: Berlusconi arrives to negotiate immigrant stop

"We just want Europe to welcome us"

Via AKI:
Hundreds of people continue to arrive on Italy's Lampedusa island as Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi travels to Tunisia in an effort to reach an agreement which would stop the boats from making the trip.


Berlusconi last week said Tunisa was not cooperating with Italy to stem the migrant flow. Last week Italy said it would give Tunisia 80 million euros worth of aid to solve the problem.

More than 20,000 primarily Tunisians have landed by boat on Lampedusa since a popular uprising in January overthrew that country's authoritarian president. Berlusconi's government calls the situation a "crisis."

Italy claims that almost all the migrants are looking for economic opportunity and will be repatriated. Most have been moved to detention centres on the Italian mainland and Sicily.
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