Denmark: 92% want immigrants to adopt Danish norms

Denmark: 92% want immigrants to adopt Danish norms

Compare that to the poll which said a majority of Danes prefer a multicultural society. Another recent poll showed that Danes don't want to give foreigners automatic welfare benefits.

According to the Gallup poll (DA): 20% say immigrants should adopt Danish norms, 72% say they should mostly adopt Danish norms, 4% said they should mostly live by the norms of their homeland, and 4% said they didn't know.

20% said the immigrant issue was very important to their next vote, 44% said it was somewhat important, 23% said it was slightly important and 9% said it wasn't important at all.

Via the Copenhagen Post:
Foreigners in Denmark should “predominantly adopt local Danish customs”, a majority of Danes say in a new Gallup/Berlingske opinion poll.

Some 20 percent said they would like to see foreigners in Denmark fully adopt Danish norms, while a vast majority – 72 percent – believe that foreigners ‘predominantly’ should follow Danish norms.

The poll comes in the wake of new integration minister Søren Pind's public rejection of the idea that Denmark should be a multicultural society.