Belgium: 40% of partner-migrants come from Morocco, Turkey

Belgium: 40% of partner-migrants come from Morocco, Turkey

Via HLN (Dutch):

There were 30,000 registered partner migrations in Flanders and Brussels between 2008 and mid-2011. Partner migrations are people from outside Europe who marry or live together with a resident of Flanders or Brussels. In 40% of the cases, the partner came from Morocco or Turkey, according to a study by the University of Ghent for the Flemish Minsiter of Integration Geert Bourgeois.

33% came from Morocco (10,000), and 11% (3,200) from Turkey. This is often follow-up migration, and the resident is also Moroccan or Turkish.

125,000 such migrants come to Belgium annually, and make up a large part of overall immigration to the country.

The researchers say the the phenomenon of partner-migration is more diverse and complex than the classic migration from Morocco and Turkey. The partners are mostly women (63 men to every 100 women). This phenomenon is very skewed in the 'bride-donor countries', such as Thailand and the Philippines (5 men to every 100 women).

In addition to the classic partner migration from Morocco and Turkey, and the migration from bride-donor countries, the researchers see an increase in partner-migration from richer countries like the US, Canada and Japan, which they see as a possible consequence of globalization.

60% of the marriages were carried out abroad, especially in Turkey (80%) and Morocco (70%).

The researchers say that the phenomenon will continue and that whoever wants a partner from abroad will continue to do so in the future. Minister Bourgeois agrees and says that 'love knows no boundaries', though he adds that coercion is of course not allowed.