Denmark: Supreme Court rules to deport immigrant drug dealer

Denmark: Supreme Court rules to deport immigrant drug dealer

Fez Fez will appeal to the European Court of Human Rights.

Via the Copenhagen Post:
Convicted drug dealer and gang member Mahmoud Khalil Salem, otherwise known as 'Fez Fez', has been expelled from Denmark by the Supreme Court.

Earlier this year, in an evenly split decision, the Western High Court ruled that the 41-year-old from Odense, who has lived in Denmark for nearly 20 years and is currently serving a six-year prison sentence, could not be deported out of consideration for his wife and eight children who reside in Denmark.

The Supreme Court today overturned that lower court ruling, with six judges ruling for deportation and the seventh recommending a so-called ‘suspended deportation’.


They noted that he speaks poor Danish, although he has lived here for almost 20 years, and that the family only speaks Arabic at home, communicating with and sending money to relatives in Lebanon and Syria on a regular basis.

Fez Fez moved to Denmark from Lebanon in 1993, but is a stateless Palestinian. Since 2004 he has had state disability status and collected disability welfare checks. Police discovered that he had, however, sent approximately 71,000 kroner to family members in both Lebanon and the Palestine territories. In addition, police documented that he was trying to buy a flat in Damascus at the time of his arrest in 2009.