Cambridge: Muslim shopkeeper in Chancellor race

Cambridge: Muslim shopkeeper in Chancellor race

Via the Cambridge News:

Abdul Arain could become the first Muslim Chancellor of Cambridge University, sweeping aside centuries of tradition. Reporter RAYMOND BROWN spoke to the Mill Road trader about his bid for the prestigious position

The names of some of its colleges, Jesus, Christ’s, Trinity, Magdalene, St John’s, are straight out of the Bible.

And a succession of princes, earls, dukes, and lords have assumed the largely ceremonial position of Chancellor down the ages.

But on Sunday night, after the votes are counted, the institution may have a Muslim community leader at its helm for the first time.


The owner of Al-Amin grocery store – which means ‘just or fair one’ and was the nickname given to Mr Arain by his father – says his faith and candidature is simply a reflection of a diverse community.

He said: “I think it will be good for Cambridge and the varied and diverse community it has.

“What I’d say is that I believe in God and share the values of the Christian and Jewish faiths, which come from the same roots as the Muslim faith. We pray to the same God.

“I will not have any problem attending any Christian ceremonies or going to church if that is what the duties will involve.

“The Muslim community in Cambridge have been very supportive and encouraging.”