Antwerp: Muslims boycott stunning of Eid al-Adha sacrifice

Antwerp: Muslims boycott stunning of Eid al-Adha sacrifice

(No Muslim showed up to stun his sheep before slaughter)

Via GvA, De Wereld Morgen (Dutch):

The Antwerp Muslim community is boycotting the option of stunning the Eid al-Adha holiday sacrifice before slaughter. The city of Antwerp is offering both slaughter alternatives this year.

The Muslim community is dissatisfied with the new measures. Last week representatives of the Union of Mosques and Islamic Associations in Antwerp Province (UMIVPA) returned brochures prepared by the city on the topic back to the municipality house.

The union fears the new slaughterhouse will serve as a precedent, and that it could lead to unilateral federal legislation on stunning in ritual slaughter.

Spokesperson Ibrahimi Jamel: "Year in and year out we come to Eid al-Adha with a fearful feeling and uncertainly over what awaits us. Instead of a day of festivity and joy Muslims in Antwerp experience this day as a day of unrest." He says this is due to lack of permanent regulations set in law and which are acceptable by the Muslim community.

They are also unhappy with the way the city conducted its consultations with the mosques, and say that the city does not take into account the contribution of the Antwerp Muslim community.

Posters have been put up in various places calling for a boycott of the alternative slaughterhouse. The posters were prepared by the UMIVPA and are signed by chairperson Abdelouahab Tuani. The union represents 28 mosques, most of whom are Moroccan, 18 of which are in the city Antwerp.