Admin: Comments on comments

Admin: Comments on comments

Over the past few days, comments on this site have gone completely wild. Since I'm not around 24/7, and I want to have a life outside of this blog, I can't catch every off-track comment the minute it's posted. By the time I get to it, it's already become a putrid discussion with dozens of hateful comments from all sides, and I get nauseous having to wade into it and start moderating.

I have a limited amount of blogging time, and I prefer spending it on posting rather than moderating.

I do not want to ban all comments, and I do not want to be in a position where I hesitate to post an article just because I fear the comments it will cause. When I start understanding journalists who practice self-censorship, I realize the situation is dire.

First, I updated the blog's comment policy. Read it and follow it.

Second, at the moment I don't have the option to only moderate certain users, and therefore, there isn't much I can do besides banning.

This is your last warning.

Finally, if you do see a comment that you think shouldn't be here - DO NOT REPLY TO IT! Certainly not by dragging the discussion to an even lower level. Instead, report it. It might take me a few hours, but if I agree with you, it will be deleted.

Thank you.

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