Moscow: "Allah Akbar!"

Moscow: "Allah Akbar!"

The imam quoted below is actually expressing official Russian policy, which calls Islamist terrorists 'bandits'.


“Allah Akbar!” and “Death to Russians!” inscriptions appeared on the walls of the vestibule of the Planernaya station of the Moscow metro on April 3.

A woman called the police and said that she saw several young men spray-painting the inscriptions on the walls of the station. The four men looked like natives of the Caucasus, the woman said.

The men wrote the above-mentioned words quickly and drove away on a silvery car. The police said that it would be difficult to find the perpetrators since there are no surveillance cameras in the vestibule of the station.

In the meantime, Western newspapers write that the fear of Muslims and people arriving from the Caucasus has been growing in Russia after the terrorist acts in the Moscow metro.

The “white” Russians are scared of those people whom they refer to as “blacks” – Muslim women and men, mostly natives of the Caucasus, Switzerland’s Tribune de Geneve newspaper said. The police stop those whose appearance is typical of the nationalities living in the Caucasus: dark skin and black hair.

An imam of a Moscow mosque said that the Russian media equate Muslims and terrorists and misuse terms in their reports. He urged reporters not to call terrorists “shakhids,” which translates as “martyrs,” because they are just “criminals.”


Source: Pravda (English), h/t Islamization Watch

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