France: Veil law: Driver fined / Deputy threatened

France: Veil law: Driver fined / Deputy threatened

Two veil-related stories from France:

A French driver was fined 22 euro for driving veiled.  According to the police her field of vision was decreased by the niqab, a veil which covers everything but the eyes, French media reported Friday.

The 31 year old woman was stopped in Nantes, in western France.  She had to take off her veil in order to be identified.  The French woman, who says she's been wearing the niqab for years, says the ticket she got is discrimination and wants to turn to the courts.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


The head of the UMP party in the French National Assembly, for several months at the forefront of the bill to ban the full veil, has been under the protection of a police agent since January, according to aids, who confirmed a story in Le Parisien.  According to the paper, the UMP head got police protection after receiving threats.

"It's more or less linked to the burka", said aids Friday, without specifying what type of threats he'd received,  citing only threats by 'letter and phone'.

The agent accompanies him everywhere, they said.

According to the Parisien-Aujourd'hui, it's classic protection in this type of case, as it's taken seriously, according to the paper.

The government plans to introduce in May to the cabinet a bill for a general ban on wearing the veil in public and not only in public service, a position advocated for a long time by the deputy/mayor of Meaux (ie, Copé)

Source: Le Parisien  (French)

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