Quote: I'm not anti-Muslim, I'm anti-Islam

Quote: I'm not anti-Muslim, I'm anti-Islam

Nick Griffin, head of the BNP, answered a Muslim caller during a call-in show:

[Muslim caller accuses Griffin of being anti-Muslim]

Nick Griffin: I'm not anti-Muslim, I'm anti-Islam.

MC: What's the difference between anti-Muslim and anti-Islam?  Love the sinner hate the sin?

Griffin: No.  A Muslim who's particularly a devout follower of his religion, is quite possibly a better neighbor than somebody who hasn't got any religion at all. 

[Caller accuses Griffin of not liking Muslims and Asians]

Griffin: It's not a matter of not liking Muslim people.  I look at Islam realistically, I've read the Koran, and what I see there isn't fundamentally a religious book.  It's a manual for conquering other people's countries, and wherever Islam has gone it has, what's been called by historians 'bloody borders', it rubs up against other cultures.  You can't have Islam and democracy, you can't have Islam and women's rights.

[Caller repeats accusations]

Griffin: As I say, we don't hate Muslims.  We just regard an Islamic bloc in this country and in the West as something that's going to cause trouble.  And equally it's wrong for the West to go and try and de-Islamify the Muslim world.  But your world and ours really don't mix, simple as that.

[Caller: That's nonsense, you're deluded.  MC asks Griffin what he meant by last sentence.]

Griffin: That's in the case of say West Indians or Sikhs or whatever, they  come here and their values are really quite close to ours.  That's very easily assimilable.  But what you have in Islam..

[Caller: How can you say that?]

Griffin: I don't hate Muslim people.  I simply look at a religion which says that a woman is of less value than a man, which says you should be harsh to your neighbors, which says that you should do everything you can to spread your religion across other people and make your way dominate the world, and I don't want to see the black flag of Islam flying over number 10 downing street.  Simple as that.

Source: BBC (English)

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