Amsterdam: Parents want Islam classes

Amsterdam: Parents want Islam classes

In the public elementary schools with overwhelmingly Muslim students in the Slotervaart district of Amsterdam there's a great need for Islam classes, according to a study by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, ordered by the district council.

90% of the Muslim parents with children at the Ru Paré, Einstein school, Huizinga school and the Louis Bouwmeester school favor Islam classes outside the regular school hours.

In these schools nearly all the students are Muslims.  About 75% of those who want Islam classes think these classes should also devote attention to other religions and life-philosophies.  Most of the parents at the 7th Montessori school, a white schools, oppose religion classes.

In all schools thirty parents were interviewed.  Only in the mixed Vlaamse Reus was the survey limited to the representative council, which refused to collaborate with religion classes.

Source: Parool (Dutch)

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