Norway: Krekar issues death threats for Koran burning

Norway: Krekar issues death threats for Koran burning

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The koran burning was posted on YouTube. Dagbladet posted parts of the death-threats clip.


Since shots were fired at Mulla Krekar's apartment in Tøyen, Oslo, the former Ansar al-Islam head has been living in a secret address, by police recommendation.

From his hidden existence Kreka, who is to be deported, recently made death threats, naming two Kurds living in Norway.

The threats came about in a closed chat-room on the PalTalk site.

"With this he's become a total infidel. Therefore it's completely legal to kill him, regardless of where he did this, whether the Koran was burned in Oslo in the infidel's home or in an Islamic home ruled by the Khalif. Both places he must be killed," it says in the audio clip.

The male voice, appearing with the profile name N. Krekar, then asks if there is someone brave enough to kill.

The voice calls on all Muslims, Pakistanis or Somalians, to kill because of the Koran-burning. Dagbladet heard the audio-clip in its entirety, and had it translated by several independent translators.

A 40 seconds long clip was also uploaded to YouTube.

The background for the serious threats is that Halmat Goran (34) and Marcos Boluri (46) held a protest three days ago, where parts of the Muslim holy writings, the Koran, were burned in front of a video camera.

Those were the parts of the Koran they think Iraq's former dictator, Saddam Hussein, used to justice the notorious al-Anfal campaign. It is estimated that as many as 180,000 were killed during Saddam Hussein's systematic attack against the Kurds in northern Iraq.

The clip of the Koran burning went wild, and Friday evening the two were notified they've been getting hate notices and threats on the internet.

"Naturally I'm afraid. I'm at a secret address and don't dare go out," says Halmat Goran (34), who believes he's been threatened to death by Krekar.

A new audio clip published Saturday afternoon, another person who participated in the video clip was also named, 46 year old Marcos Boluri, originally from Iran, but a Norwegian citizen living in Lillestrøm.

"I take the threats very serious. I't's clear I'm afraid and take the threats seriously. I have family here," Boluri told Dagbladet.

He spoke to Krekar on the phone after the threats against him were made public.

"He admitted the threats," says the 43 year old bus driver.

Boluri has been in contact with the Oslo police to report Krekar for death threats. Both Boluri and Goran say they will got to the police and report him Monday.

Krekar's lawyer, Brynjar Meling, told Dagbladet that he will wait to comment until the incident is reported to the police. He says meanwhile it's not the first time that such allegations are made against his client.

The Kurdish community is characterized by great oppositions. When shots were fired at Krekar's home in January, Krekar's family named a Kurdish leader as being responsible.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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