UK: BNP calls to end immigration from Muslim countries

UK: BNP calls to end immigration from Muslim countries

The British National Party (BNP) are calling for an end to immigration from Muslim nations, saying this presents a "deadly threat" to the UK.

The pledge is contained in the party's election manifesto, launched by party leader Nick Griffin in Stoke.

The BNP also plan to give grants to encourage some UK residents to return to "their lands of ethnic origin".

The BNP recently changed their whites-only membership policy after it was ruled unlawful by the courts.

Their opponents say they are extreme and their policies divisive.

The BNP is targeting Stoke, where they currently have a number of city councillors, plus 333 other constituencies as they seek to get their first MP elected to Westminster.


The manifesto states "there should be absolutely no further immigration from any Muslim countries, as it presents one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation".

The party has previously said Islam is incompatible with modern secular democracy.

Mr Griffin said his party would support "decent settled minorities who accept that Britain should remain British".


Source: BBC (English)

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