The Leftist anti-Jihadis

Some food for thought..

The recent debate about the counter-Jihad movement centered on the European nationalist parties. But who said that the Conservative Right has a monopoly on anti-Jihad?

Maryam Namazie, a spokesperson of the Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, an activist in The Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism and a member of the central committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran shows that the extreme-left can also be anti-Jihadi. It can even speak out against multiculturalism and cultural-relativism. Namazie was one of the people who signed the Anti Totalitarian Manifesto in support of "resistance to religious totalitarianism and for the promotion of freedom, equal opportunity and secular values for all."

There's no debate about the fact that Namazie is a Communist. Should there be one about her participation in the anti-Jihadi movement?


Unknown said...

Socialists should by the very definition be against religion and therefore jihad.

So everyone who doesn't cave in to political correctness deserves respect. Obviously, she's from Iran so she has other priorities than European feminists who are more concerned with the glass ceiling than with the narrow cage of Muslim women.

A big problem is best handled from many sides.
And imho when nationalists speak about islam it's often hard to know if it's the religion or the skin colour they're concerned with.

Anonymous said...

The counter-Jihad movement would extend its hand in freindship to any true anti-jihadist/anti-Islamist, whether they are Muslim or otherwise, that's a fact.