Netherlands: Wilders film a Zionist conspiracy

The extreme-right Dutch People-Union (Nederlandse Volks-Unie, NVU) supports the calls to stay calm after the Wilders film comes out.

Chairman Constant Kusters, who now and then leads demonstrations in Rotterdam against the multicultural society, thinks that Wilders is out for a bloody civil war between Muslims and Christians.

Kusters: "Wilders wants to play these two groups against each other in order to establish a Zionist [ie, Jewish] state in our country. The man is strikingly often found in the Israeli embassy. That tells me enough."

Kusters says he wants a completely different approach to the multicultural problems than Wilders: "We say: stimulate remigration, deport foreign criminals out of the country and close the borders. But to therefore make a row now against Islam, no. If somebody wants to adhere to Islam, they do that, but in an Islamic country."

Above it all it bothers the VNU leader that he and the late Hans Janmaat were condemned for statements that were much less terrible than those of Wilders. "Ignored thus, this man."

Source: AD (Dutch)

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Zanshin Post said...

See alsothe analysis of Fjordman in his article, Will Muslim Immigration Trigger Wars in Europe?


PM said...

yes everything is hindu-zionist-crussaders conspiracy...

Stephen Gash said...

This sounds a bit like Kusters last stand.