Sweden: Riyadh calling! Malmö are you with us?

The Swedish blog Muslimska Friskolan writes about a new project by Spiritus Mundi called 'Riyadh calling! Malmö are you with us?'

Spiritus Mundi is a Swedish NGO that 'focuses on presenting the advantages of diversification and illustrating the positive effects of multiplicity and successful integration.'

From the Spiritus Mundi site:

Spiritus Mundi launches the cultural exchange project Riyadh calling! Malmö are you with us? with the Ministry of Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Henrik Melius of Spiritus Mundi and Deputy Minister Dr. Mohammed Sulaiman Al Rwaished of the Ministry of Education signed an agreement for the joint venture to promote cultural relations between children in Saudia Arabia and children in Sweden on Tuesday, December 11, 2007, in the presence of the Ambassador of Sweden, Jan Thesleff.

The project aims to create better awareness and understanding between the different societies. Children pave the way for further enhanced cultural relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Sweden. The children participating in Riyadh calling! Malmö are you with us? create art inspired by how they think life is like for children in their respective countries. The Swedish Embassy in Riyadh supports the initiative. Read more here.

The project consists of three parts:

Part 1 includes seminars and workshops between Saudi and Swedish teachers and Spiritus Mundi staff.

Part 2 includes the first visit by the Swedish children, parents and teachers. During this visit an exhibition of the artwork created by the Swedish and Saudi children will be held in Riyadh.

Part 3 includes a visit by Saudi children to the City of Malmö, Sweden. The exhibition moves to Sweden and all the children now join forces to produce a large painting together.

The project is supported by the Swedish embassy in Riyadh. Children aged 10-12 from both Sweden and Saudi-Arabia are taking part in the project. Three schools from Malmö are participating: Bergaskolan, Bäckagårdsskolan and Hermodsdalsskolan.

Notice on the Spiritus Mundi project page, there's a picture from the Swedish school in Riyadh showing children celebrating Saint Lucy's Day.

Sources: Spiritus Mundi project page and more about the project 1, 2 , mission statement (English), Swedish embassy project page (Swedish, English), Muslimska Friskolan (Swedish)


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